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Athletes as advocates for pro-environmental behavior.

A research project about pro-environmental behavior

"This planet is our home; our only home. Where shall we go if we destroy it?"
Dalai Lama
Interview with Franz Alt, 2004

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I want to thank everybody who supported this project!
The thesis has been written, but there is so much more to do. The social media sites are still online and maintained.


I believe that nature is a matter of the heart for all humans.

„At lakes, in the mountains, or on trails; I love to be active outdoors. Nature plays an important role in my life. Gradually, I developed the consciousness that humans are leaving imprints in nature and that all people have significant influence with their behavior.  Additionally, my aunt Angelika Hofer provided inspiration for the research project. She was a biologist. Among others, she was working as an environmental educator. She organized exhibitions about the rain forest and held speeches on sustainable living. Biologists like my aunt shine with expertise, but I wondered if they are getting heard? Consequently, I developed an interest on how pro-environmental behavior can be fostered and inspired. Due to my personal interests, I came to combine ideas of sports and environmentalism.  So, I got curious, I wanted to know: what if athletes act as advocates for environmental friendly behavior instead of a biologist? Which values do athletes represent and are they a credible source to promote pro-environmental behavior?“


The study will be conducted as a final thesis in a graduate degree program. The writer is a Master’s student at the university of applied science Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol.


„Values and Voices.“ is the title of a current research project, which examines the influence of athletes on pro-environmental behavior. It studies athletes as advocates for environmentally friendly behavior and how they can influence their audience. The current environmental problems that are related to human behavior are the starting position of this work . The present situation raises the question of how pro-environmental behavior can be promoted and fostered.

The Goal of the paper is to evaluate the communication success of athletes as advocates of pro-environmental behavior.


The study will be conducted in two stages. During the first stage athletes who are interested in pro-environmental behavior are surveyed. The goal is to examine the values, which are advocated and communicated by athletes and at the same time positively related to environmentally friendly behaviors.

Proceeding from the first stage, a second survey will question sports enthusiasts who identify themselves with the surveyed athletes, and who feel inspired and influenced by the very same.


Peak performance is a team effort. Therefore, the quality and validity of the research project depends on the input of each and every participant.

 Who did help?

Athletes who publicly show support for pro-environmental behavior.

Sports enthusiasts who inform themselves about athletes, follow them on social media, and identify with them.

As well as all who are curious, interested, adventurous, environmental friendly, or friends of our nature and mountains. Thus, all who feel addressed by this topic. 




Sophia Kim Hofer, M.A.



Sports, Culture, and Events Management, Master of Arts in Business (M.A.)



Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol, University of Applied Science



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